AFL Vic Country Transfer & Registration form 2020

Dear players, members and supporters

Last night at our committee and coaches of both netball and football gathered to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our club members. I would like to convey summary of our discussion to you:

  • Our number one priority is your health and wellbeing and we discussed ways that this could be achieved, primarily through our various social media groups. Please keep in mind players and members directly affected with job losses and our students that are currently attempting to navigate their way through VCE and higher education.  We need to be vigilant and supportive of the vulnerable amongst us.
  • Bruce Claridge has offered his services to our club as part of his chaplaincy role, something which will be desperately needed as things unfold. He has written an open letter which will be circulating around the time you read this. We thank Bruce for his compassion and understanding in this difficult time.
  • Players please be aware that there is to be no organised training, particularly with the use of footballs and netballs among you. Please do not defy current protocols around social distancing and any fitness work must be carried out in accordance to best practice health and safety guidelines.
  • Please support sponsors when and where we can. The National Hotel, who have been closed due to the crisis, are currently gearing their kitchen as a take away food outlet – and think about them next time you want to order out. We will continue to feature our sponsors over the coming weeks and months and try to assist them in any way with your business and goodwill.
  • The BFNL have indicated that playing 9 rounds would be minimum, and if we are granted a late finishing date, it would be still possible to salvage a season. We, as committee and coaches, can only hope and plan for this, although it is nowhere near as important as keeping our loved ones from harm.

Above all, keep supporting each other, keep in contact, stay fit and healthy and let’s get through this together as a strong and united club. Please contact someone from our club if you have any difficulty and most importantly stay safe.

Brendan Stewart