Cleared Out in 2019

Mitch Christensen to Newtown/Chiswell
Nathan Fall to Marong
Jye Caldwell to GWS
Bailey George to Pyramid Hill
Ben Daley to Huntly
Zane Keighran to Newtown/Chilwell
Matt Grundy to Braybrook
Liam Marciano to RedCliffs
Josh Grace To South Mildura
Dylan Johnstone to Cohuna Kangas
Michael Dalrymple to Kerang
Lachlan Monti to Strathfieldsaye

Inwards 2019:

Ricky Monti from Square Jnrs
Alex Marklew from Wangaratta
Eddy Neame from Seaford
Matthew Evans from Seaford
Sam Brinsmead from Calival
Liam Barrett from Kyabram
Drew Barrett from Lancaster
Nathan Jordan from Talbot
Josh Taig From Marong
Ben Parkes from Swan Hill
Chris Cox from Square Jnrs
Riley Crothers from Square Jnrs
Fraser Bynon from Square Jnrs
Harry Moore from Marong
Jayden Leach from Inglewood
Cody Anderson from Square Jnrs
Darcy Matricardi from Trentham
Jack Trelfall from South Bendigo Jnrs
Jackson Swan from Campbells Creek
Brodie James from Square Jnrs
Jack Merrin from Square Jnrs
Zack Fry from South Bendigo Jnrs
Tom Martin from South Bendigo Jnrs
Zavier Murley from Square Jnrs
Will Beagley from Square Jnrs
Brandon Simms from Irymple
Joshua Dawe from Doncaster
Alex Marklew from Wangaratta