Cleared Out in 2017:
1. James Molinaro to Panton Hill
2. Alex Caldow to Pyramid Hill
3. Lachlan Woodward to Natte Bealiba
4. Regan Harvey to Sth. Bendigo
5. Brock Harvey to Sth. Bendigo
6. Jordan Waldron to YCW
7. James Walsh to Mt Pleasant
8. Dale Young to Uni Blues
9. Chris Ryan to Tatura
10. Comanche Walls to Tatura
11. Riley Saunders to Eaglehawk
12. Braydon Stepian to Huntly
13. Adrian McErvale to Pyramid Hill
14. Daniel Smith to Sth. Bendigo
15. Paul Symons to Newtown & Chilwell
16. Jordan Sharp to Calivil
17. Tori Ferguson to Maiden Gully YCW
18. Jack Burns to Huntly
19. Michael Roberts to Nagambie
20. Brayden Stepian to Huntly
21. Ryan Herring to Mt Pleasant


Inwards 2016:
1. Stephen Donat from Macorna
2. Nicholas Lee from Cohuna Kangas
3. Nathan Fall from Bairnsdale
4. Bernard Haberman from Seymour
5. Ethan Mulqueen from Marist Dockers
6. Corey Van Aken from Tarrawingee
7. Jack Bickford Castlemaine Jnrs.
8. Caleb May from Square Jnrs.
9. Harry McCormick from Square Jnrs.
10. Jordan Anderson from Square Jnrs.
11. Jacob Draper from Square Jnrs.
12. Jordan Bydeveldt from Square Jnrs.
13. Blake Coyle from Stanhope
14. Michael Dalrymple from  Newstead
15. Justyn Sawyer from Inglewood
16. Aaron Fry from Kangaroo Flat
17. Shane Lowry from Richmond Central
18. Matthew McSwain from Marong
19. Aaron Wilson from Cohuna Kangas
20. Nicholas Byrnes from Pyramid Hill
21. Harrison Bynon from Square Juniors
22. Ben Daley from Square Juniors
23. Liam Marciano from Red Cliffs
24. Rhys Mutch from Mildura
25. Bailey George from Neerim Neerim
26. Ned Ashworth from Seymour
27. Tom Walters from Square Juniors
28. Joshua Grace from Mildura South
29. Daine Grace from Mildura South
30. Zach Shelton from Square Juniors
31. Jordan Anderson from Square Juniors
32. Harrison Goode from Square Juniors
33. Ethan Mulqueen from Sandhurst Marist
34. Jacob Draper from Square Juniors
35. Dan Murphy from Waratah NT