Club Legends

George (Bluey) Mumford

Our 1937 first Best & Fairest Winner. Bluey also won the Bendigo Football League Best & Fairest Award that year and holds the distinction of being our 1st League Medalist. He enlisted in the army when WW2 broke out in 1939. He was a Captain in the Military and in 1945 he returned home from war after escaping from the Germans in Sophia. George was then based in Ballarat and Captain/Coached the 1945 Golden Point Premiership side. He died in Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital from skin cancer in 1982.

Ron (Hank) McHardy

Arguably the most talented player to pull on a square jumper. Although only small in stature Hank could master all aspects of the game with his bullet like stab passes a main feature of his game. The winner of the League Best & Fairest in 1947 tying with team mate Doug Wilson who was also a great little rover of the post war era.

Ritchie Lee

A former player who went on to be one the foremost junior coaches of all time both in football and softball. Much of the success of the senior players in latter years could be attributed to Richie Lee.

Vin Lapsley

One of the most colourful characters of the fifties era. A rugged full back Lappo could land the ball consistently into the centre of the ground with his mighty drop kickouts from goal. Vin took over as coach in briefly 1954 when Norm McDonald departed before the end of the season. A winner of several club B & F awards he played over 200 games for the Square.

Bert Rowe

A player from the 1938 Premiership side who returned three decades later to coach the team to two premierships in 1964&5.This team was known widely as ‘Berties Boys’ as most of them came up through the under 18’s where they were also coached by Bert.

John Ledwidge

ex Sth. Melbourne, coached the Square in 1959-63 before captaining the team to the premiership in 1964 under Coach Bert Rowe. John was also a premiership coach of the Bendigo League in the VCFL Championships in 1960 .

Mrs Linda Kenyon

A stalwart of the Ladies Committee for decades. Nothing was too much for her when it came to her boys. She was there from the beginning.The under 18’s goalkickng award is named in her honour.

Kevin Shearn

A laconic centre half forward who could turn a game off his own boot in the sixties. A brilliant mark and prolific kick for goal.

Bill Bonney

A five year coach of the club after a distinguished playing career. Had a great year in 1972, coaching to one of our most memorable premierships.

Neville Strauch

A more than handy key position backman and club stalwart, coached the reserves to a flag in 1974 and later managed the Bendigo Pioneers under 18’s for a considerable time.

Ron Best

One of the best full forwards ever in country football was also a match winner off his own boot. Kicked 14 goals 9 behinds on debut as a 17 year old. Later coached us to a flag in 1979.

Jack Harper

An inaugural Member. The club’s first timekeeper, a job he held for over 60 years. Jack passed away at the age of 100 years in 2006. A True- Blue Bulldog to the end.

Peter Moroni

Holds the record for most games played was a brilliant wingman with blistering speed who could lift a team with his individual efforts. His run down the flanks bouncing the ball and shooting for those big sticks were a spectacle to be seen.

George Symons

A premiership player in the 1942 Under 21s. George grew up in the district and became a Committeeman and eventual President for 10 years, 1967 -76.
He was instrumental in the revival of the club as a league power and was donor of the League Under 18s Best & Fairest award since the 1970s. George and his committee were the force behind the building of new facilities at Wade Street in 1973. His four sons all played for the Square and further generations of the Symons family carry on in his footsteps.

Tony Southcombe

Brilliant ruckman who won two league best and fairest awards and became a dual premiership coach of the club in 1975&6. The fact that he had to wear spectacles due to poor sight made his feats even more remarkable.

Peter Davey

Played over 300 games with Golden Square. A reliable backman Peter took over as coach when the club was left coachless and did a great job with a very depleted side.

Greg Williams

Won two league best and fairest awards before going on to win two Brownlow Medals in the AFL in a distinguished career with 3 clubs. Quickfire handball and the ability to use both sides of his body were his strengths.

Alan Patterson

234 games, was a workhorse in the ruck for many years. Patto captained the club to premierships in 1988 & 89 as well as the Bendigo League Team who were VCFL Premiers.

Brian Walsh

The most successful coach of the club having had success in 1988 & 89, returning later in 2001 for his third flag.

High Achievers

Des Dickson Hawthorn
Ray Byrne Carlton, Collingwood, Geelong
Tony Southcombe Carlton
Peter McConville Carlton, St Kilda
Ricky Nixon Carlton, St Kilda, Hawthorn
Greg Williams Geelong, Sydney, Carlton
Michael Gallagher   Carlton, North Melbourne
Dean Strauch   Carlton
Christian Lister St Kilda
Wayne Campbell Richmond
Rowan Warfe Fitzroy, Sydney
Nick Carter Fitzroy, Brisbane, Melbourne
Nathan Brown Western Bulldogs, Richmond