Teams / Results

AFL Vic Country Transfer & Registration form 2014.pdf    


Players Departing in 2014 (Cleared)
  1. Nathan Manuel to South Mildura
  2. Ricky Shellie to Kyabram
  3. Rhys Bradley to Pyramid Hill
  4. Tyren Riordan to Nihill
  5. Brad Matthews to Mitiamo
  6. Luke Rosa to Wedderburn
  7. Mark Lloyd to Wedderburn
  8. Ben Archard to Bgo Gold (Local/Transfer)
  9. Chris Malone to Springbank
 10. Braydan Knox to Kangaroo Flat
 11. Jake McLean to Sandhurst
 12. Travis Baird to Charlton
 13. Brady Rowan to Murabit
 14. James Bristow to East Fremantle
 15. Mark Rutter to Newbridge
 16. Nathan Bell to Wedderburn
 17. Levi Moss to YCW
 18. Kris Doran to Inglewood
 19. Luke Price to Huntly
 20. Harry Whittle to Huntly
 21. Jake Richardson to Narre Warren
 22. William Tonkin to Wedderburn
 23. Zac May to Sea Lake- Nandaly
 24. Ben Archard to Albion
 25. Oliver Collins to Bears Lagoon/Serpentine
 26. Luke Baird to YCW
 27. Brent Jane to YCW
 28. Jake Davis to Huntly
 29. William Tonkin to Wedderburn

Players Cleared to G.Square 2014
  1. Jed McGaffin from Square Juniors
  2. Lachlan Pollock from Square Juniors
  3. Luke Hall from Square Juniors
  4. Jayden Burke From Square Juniors
  5. Jaydon Cowling from Huntly
  6. Michael Fitzgerald from Huntly
  7. Issac Miller from Square Juniors

8. Luke Garner from Square Juniors
  9. Liam Jacques from Heathcote
10. Cameron Barrett from Balranald
11. Jack McCann from Mt Pleasant
12. Lachlan Humphrey from Square Juniors
13. Paul Symons from Square Juniors
14. Sam Frawley from Rochester
15. Jack Burns from YCW
16. Jack Symons from Bridgewater
17. Tom Anderson from Pyramid Hill
18. Jayden Fox from Imperials (Mildura)
19. Lachlan Woodward from Maryborough
20. Corey Jones from Whycheproof Narreport
21. James Molinaro from Montmorency (NFL)
22. Andrew Smith from Strathfieldsaye
23. Lewis Beks from Strathfieldsaye
24. Sam Harper from Square Juniors
25. Jordan Rosengren fro Square Juniors
26. Matthew Tyrrell from Mt Pleasant
27. Tim Letcher from Rochester
28. Jake Willcox from Newbridge
29. Brayden Klemke from Marong
30. Lucas Hutchinson from Wodonga
31. Shaun Matthews from Whycheproof Narreport
32. Dan Carew from Torquay



Team Lists

- Sat 2.20pm
  B:Ben Connelly  Matt Tyrrell Harry Donegan   
HB:Jack Geary   Dale Young Jon Coe      
C: Phil Ryan Simon Rosa  Jack Daley         
HF:James Molinaro  Shane Harris  Hamish Morcom  
 F:Rick Ladson  Lachlan Woodward  Clayton Anderson 
R: Matt Compston,
 Corey Jones
  Rov: Dale Lowry
  Int: Jaydon Cowling, Ross Culvenor
Tom Anderson & Tim Letcher    

Reserves 12.30 pm

Zac Holmes   Matt Goode   Sam Morcom
Jacob Greenwood  Steve Kairn  Regan Harvey    
Ewen Pickles  Braeden Deary  Darcy Hawker
Connor Thomson  Brayden Klemke B. Ryan-Storey
F:Nick Demeo  Sam Frawley  Jack Burns      
R: Mick Fitzgerald, Corey O'Brien
  Rov: Leigh Coates
David Ryan, Jack Murray,
Isaac Brewster & Brayden Forrest

Under 18s
 Luke Garner  Brayden Forrest  Alex Williamson
HB:Lachlan Humphrey  Jake Willcocks  Isaac Miller
C: Lachie Ryan  Danny Fynch(C)  Lachlan Pollock
 HF: Hamish Schumacher Paul Symons  Luke Hall   
F:Brayden Stepien Jordan Rosengren Jack Symons           
 R: Jayden Burke, Liam Jacques
 Rov: Mitch Edwards
Int: Will Johnstone, Jed McGaffin & Dillon Capell